Simon Alden, has been around a while, having started climbing "trad" at the end of the 70s with the Sliema Venture Scouts who had links to the Royal Naval Mountaineering Club in the past. He founded the University Rock Climbing Club in 1985 and during the 80s and early 90s explored many new cliffs while setting up a good number of trad routes including "Genn" (Madness) E4 6a, a route which has seen few repeats due to its combination of technicality and sparse protection. While still having a passion for trad climbing, he recognises that sport climbing often suits the geology of the local rock better. The steeper, less featured routes, at times on doubtful rock require fixed protection. He is keen to develop and promote the sport further both locally and overseas and believes it is on the verge of major growth due to the quality of the routes, accessibility and beauty of Malta's seacliffs. He continues to discover and equip new routes at more- accessible grades on a regular basis








There is little doubt that Stevie Haston is one of the most accomplished all-round climbers and alpinists in the world. His record speaks for itself. His appetite for climbing is vast. For the last 40 years he has bouldered hard, climbed bold routes in great style, soloed routes near the edge of his ability, redpointed and onsighted hard sport routes, established and repeated some of the world's hardest ice and mixed routes and made some impressive fast solos of alpine routes, including 80 ascents of ED+ in the Mount Blanc massif and an impressive free solo of the Walker Spur in Chamonix, as well as climbing and snowboarding in the Himalayas.

Where most of the top climbers of the 70s and 80s have taken a backseat, Stevie Haston at 57, is still going strong. At 52 years old he redpointed two 9a routes and established some hard bold routes at Craig Doris in North Wales, and flashed Greenspit 8b+. Over the past couple of years he's developed more than 100 new routes in Mlata/Gozo, including "King of Kings" F8b+ a 55m roof- certainly the biggest roof ever climbed free. 




Jeffrey is acknowledged as Malta's top locally born climber. He has been climbing for 16 years while actively equipping new routes for about 10. He's climbed almost, if not all of the routes in the new guidebook and in February 2013, repeated the first 8a set up on the island at McCarthys cave at Ghar Lapsi.

He was inspired to start climbing after buying the 1986 " Malta New Climbs" guidebook supplement written by Roger Brookes and Simon Alden as well as books such as Master of Rock by Pat Ament and Face Climbing by John Long which he'd borrowed from the local library. Originally he used home-made equipment as none was available locally at the time. This included a harness made from a conveyor belt, sailing rope and maillons!

Jeffrey has been actively exploring Malta's crags and seacliffs for many years having discovered many new areas. He has played a major role in maintaining and retrobolting some of the crags, mostly on Malta, often with the invaluable support of local and visiting climbers.