Despite our best efforts, some errors have crept into the guidebook.  Here is a list of the ones we are aware of, should you notice any others or have different opinions about the grades, please let us know and we'll update this list accordingly.  Our apologies!



Mosta Valley (Page 87)

1.  The lines on the topo for Rustastic and Tetanus have been exchanged.

Wied Babu East Side (Page 37 )

1. Nero's Revenge goes up in a straight line rather than zigzagging at the top as illustrated.

2. Sferico and L'Uomo Tappeto split up at about 12m height rather than as illustrated.

Wied Hallelin

1.  Plunder - the 3rd abseil point (final abseil to reach the bottom ledge) is the same as the belay stance before the 2nd pitch.



Dahlet Qorrot (Page )

1.   Routes at White Tower are about 28m in height

2.   Pigeon Crack sector height is about 30m except for "Drunken Hunter" which is about 35m  (Page 119)

Sopu Tower (Page 113)

1.   Route 35   - A View to the Exterior - the description says "use same bolt as 31, laybacking outside instead of climbing in the crack".   It should read "use same bolt as route 34"

Harq il-Hamiem (Page 155)

1.  You Shall Not Pass is a 3 star route!

Forna Point /Fruitcake Land (Page 167)

1.  "Helwa tat-Tork" is about 30m in height

Underworld (Page 151 )

1.  The abseil in fact goes down to a wide vegetated ledge then down again to the 2nd ledge/ boulders, a total of about 20m.  From here you can continue abseiling a further 37m down to the bottom platform.

San Dimitri Point (Page  )

1.  Book of Bawls is 63m long!